Sarthak Prayas was established in the year 2003 with an aim to help the underprivileged of New Delhi in the area of health and education. The programs are spread across slums in the city. Browse through our activities and choose an area to get involved.

Mission Save Life

Blood Donor Network

We run a telephonic helpline centre for people who require blood transfusions. Sarthak Prayas tries to fulfil requests raised within 2 hours. 

Need Blood? Call +918375860860

You may volunteer as an emergency blood donor or help us by making a financial contribution. It is easy to save someone’s life!

Our Founder, Mr. Harsh Arora saw his aunt running for blood so that she could save her child suffering from Thalassemia. He saw his cousin dying in front of his eyes. This incident shook him and ignited the fire to work for Blood and ensure nobody dies just because of shortage of Blood..

As per NACO (National AIDS Control Organisation) and WHO (World Health Organisation) Estimate report and Every year our country requires 8.5-10 Million units of Blood, of which only appx 7.4 Million units of blood is available. An India Today Article in November 2019 also states a huge shortage of Blood India. Even worse is that there are eight different blood types along with rarest Bombay Blood groups. This indicates that the right type of blood must be available at the right time and this is hardly possible in developing countries like India.

We started the human chain of blood donors who voluntarily are ready to donate blood in an emergency. This journey got a super boost in 2017 when Sarthak Prayas became a partner with Facebook and became their partner to ensure India overcomes the blood shortage. With our consultation based on the experience on ground from 14 years, Facebook developed the Blood Donation Tool and launched on 1st October 2017. Since then we have closely worked with the Facebook team and ensured this tool gets new features to help Blood Banks to be equipped with right technology to increase Voluntary Blood Donors. We receive approximate 200 calls every month for blood help from needy patients & hospitals. A Voluntary Blood Donor is provided from the list of 40000+ donors and with the help of Facebook Blood Donation Tool. Proper verification is done after receiving the blood request to avoid the misuse.

There is no greater joy than saving a life. To give blood you neither need extra strength nor extra food and you will save a life because it’s not necessary to be somebody’s family member to donate blood.

Our Dream is to create a human chain of 500,000 emergency blood donors across Delhi as well as to other parts of the country, so that nobody dies due to shortage of blood.

Our Blood Helpline is facing acute financial shortage, which is a major hurdle in growing the number of donors and reaching a maximum number of people

  • Register for our ‘Celebrate Your Birthday’ scheme in which you can donate a minimum Of Rs.250 on your and your special ones’ birthdays and anniversaries
  • Sponsoring the cost of stickers of helpline
  • Allowing our Helpline Board outside your commercial and corporate establishment
Build A Foundation

Remedial Education

Sarthak Prayas runs remedial education centres where students from government schools attend classes every day to improve their knowledge. The centres help students complete their homework and revise lessons of the day. They also impart life skills and teach them how to deal with real life situations. The organisation runs many centres in Delhi/NCR with 40 students studying in each centre.

Since the children are from an impoverished background, the organisation also supplements their nutrition with packed food every day after the class. In addition to this, as part of recreation for the children, the centres also celebrate children’s birthdays every month. During the celebrations, children cut cake and the teachers distribute gifts. Each day the students attend sessions for approximately 90 minutes.

Nav ChetnaAdjoining Park To Modern Public School B Block, Shalimar Bagh West, Delhi14:30 to 16:00 hrs
ParichayRemal Public School, A/2, Sec-3, Rohini, Delhi- 110085.15:30 to 17:00 Hrs
ShikshaRZG-1, Gali No. 5, 1st Floor, Geetanjali Park, Sagarpur,Delhi15:00 to 16:30 Hrs
ShuruatBodh Mandir Dharamshala, Block- C, Mandir WaliGali, opp. Adarsh NagarPolice Station, Azadpur, Delhi18:00 to 19:30 hrs
UmmeedJ-27, ChandanHola Village, Gurjar Mohalla, Behind Stone Forever, Main Chatterpur Mandir Road Leading to Radha Soami Satsang Beas Centre, New Delhi16:00 to 17:30 hrs
ChetnaC-128, Mohammadpur, New Delhi- 110061.16:00 to 17:30 Hrs
PrayatnaH No 67, Sec-41, Silokhera, Near Saini Choupal, Gurgaon-12200115:30  to17:00  Hrs
JagritB-33, Shri Chand Park, Near Mansa Ram Park, Uttam Nagar, Nd-59, Opp. Metro Pillar no. 75019:00 to 20:30 Hrs
PrernaBalmiki Mandir, Nirman Sabha, B Block, Double Story, Vishal Enclave, Tagore Garden11:00 to 12:30 Hrs
ManthanVivekanand School,D- block, Anand Vihar, New Delhi14:30 to 16:00 hrs

Education is one of the important parts of a child’s life to live with happiness and prosperity because it empowers minds that conceive good thoughts and ideas. It helps students to analyze and take life decisions.

If you ask a 90’s kid “From where did you get education?” The most obvious answer would be a Senior Secondary School, Kendriya Vidyalaya, or a Sarvodaya Vidyalaya. But if you ask the same question from a kid of today’s world, you will hardly find any of the above names recalled. This is because the quality of education has gone down in some of this category schools as time moved ahead. So, there is a need to empower those children who are still getting education from these institutes and are from economically backward class. Feeling this need of the society, we came up with the Build A Foundation’ Program.

We started with imparting education to the less fortunate children of 2nd to 5th class from the urban slums areas in and around Delhi/NCR. We teach those students who are already a part of govt. schools. We give them life education, teach them how to deal with real life situations and moral values , hygiene and personality. We celebrate children’s Birthday every month where we make them cut cake and distribute gifts among them. We give them outer exposure to enhance their awareness, creativity and instil confidence in them. Regular Medical checkups were done to ensure their good health.

  • Financial sponsorship for these 350 kids to ensure that they get all the facilities and benefits like our own kids get
  • Celebrate your loved one’s or your special days with our kids
  • Sponsor for their stationery and food needs every month
  • Be a volunteer to teach specific skills weekly
  • Be a mentor on phone

To support a child’s future in less than a cost of pizza, click here

Senior Citizen Welfare
Adopt An Elder

Senior Citizen Welfare

The premise behind serving the underprivileged senior citizens is that the elderly have struggled all their life for food, shelter and livelihood. They have now reached an age where their bodies don’t allow them to work a lot and their economic conditions do not allow their families to be able to take care of them either.

Sarthak Prayas visits the slums and identifies elderly people who are unable to take care of themselves. As a part of their intervention, they provide dry ration on a monthly basis for a person’s need. They also provide quarterly clothing and toiletries. The material is distributed in designated locations near their slums every month.

After working hard and struggling throughout for food, shelter, family, and various other things when one reaches an age where the body doesn’t allow working hard and under less privileged conditions things become even tougher. Sarthak Prayas visited the slums and identified those old age people who were in the worst condition amongst the lot and were also not in the situation to work and earn bread for themselves on a regular basis. About 13 such people have been identified so far and a monthly ration as well as quarterly clothing and toiletries is provided to them.

18 items i.e. Rice, Flour, Pulses, Spices, Tea, Sugar, Biscuits, Oil, Bathing Soap, Washing Soap etc are distributed on every month’s 2nd Saturday/Sunday.

Adopt an Elder

  • Adopt a Sr. Citizen by sponsoring the cost of ration items which comes to appx Rs.1000/-

  • Buy items from our list and drop them in any quantity in our office to reduce our financial burden
Second Inning Home

Care Homes

Our old-age care homes program is operational since 15th August 2015. Dubbed as Second Inning Home, it is an initiative for the destitute, the poor, and the abandoned senior citizens of Delhi. Click on the address below to locate this facility on Google Maps.

This is the next step of Adopt an Elder. Whereas Adopt and Elder is about social adoption of elders living in urban slums. Second Inning Home is a home for abandoned and destitute elders. Our elders are not so blessed to share the golden experience with their young ones. They are left alone at home or roads and they have no one to talk to, forced to go out and spend time in parks, outside religious places, under the flyovers and they are left helpless. Their needs are simple yet difficult to achieve. We have taken this responsibility to give these people in their golden age a Secure and Happy Environment to spend their lifetime with the same age group.

With your continuous support and CSR support from Dupont, We inaugurated our Second Inning Home on 15th of August 2015. It is a unique Old Age Home for Destitute, Poor and Abandoned Sr. Citizens.

Currently 15 Sr. Citizens are living in our Second Inning Home. They are living peacefully sharing work,love and care among each other. Following are the facilities for them:

  • Safe and Secure home
  • Healthy Food, Clean clothes
  • TV, Newspaper, Games
  • Weakly Shave and Monthly Cutting
  • Regular Medical Checkups
  • Monthly Birthday Celebrations
  • Festival Celebrations

We would encourage you, if you support us to ensure their comfortable stay during their second term of life.

  • Sponsor a Day’s meal in just Rs 3100/-
  • Dry Monthly Groceries
  • Volunteer your time and conduct some activities with them.
  • Arranging the things we need for their comfortable stay.
  • Be our Eyes & ears, if you see any abandoned senior citizen; please refer to our Second Innings Home
Old Age Homes
Environmental Programs
Green India, Clean India

Environment Related Programs

We also organise awareness camps at public places and schools on the dangers of Global warming. Till now, we have run camps to plant over 1500+ saplings and trained students in the Delhi/ NCR region to act as Green Ambassadors, who have adopted these saplings and are now looking after them.

We need to spread awareness of environmental protection, as our environment is getting deteriorated because of several reasons which are causing various kinds of pollution around us. Due to which Environment Protection has now become a cause of concern.

It is our duty to protect our environment to ensure a healthy living and a pollution free world, it can be done only when we will take the initiative and take steps towards it. Planting more and more trees helps in increasing the green cover of the Earth and to have a green environment around us.

Sarthak Prayas’ habit of thinking differently led to the initiative to set up Bio Medicinal Gardens in structured places. We believe that plantation should lead to clean air, and we try and plant Air Purifying Plants suggested by NASA Clean Air Study. We have started the movement of ‘GREEN INDIA, CLEAN INDIA’ which was initiated in 2010 as there was a lot of buzz around pollution control and global warming.

With the support of volunteers like you, CEE (Centre for Environment Education), we have set up Bio Medicinal Gardens in 15 schools, actively involved in organizing environmental awareness camps at different locations, training students of schools & colleges about the impact of global warming to ensure our future generations live in a healthier and happier environment. Our other achievements are:

  • We took the initiative of and trained 1500 school students about global warming and its negative effects and things that can be done and things that should be taken care of to prevent the issues.
  • We have planted 1500+ saplings and made these school children Green Ambassadors who adopted these saplings and looked after them.

We encourage people and corporate partners to consider us as the special social work partner for Environment and for other causes.

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